Dianne's special offers:
One 1-hour phone session to one listener, $100 discount off the full price of my upcoming Life In Balance Wellness Retreat in Aspen, Colorado, September 14-10, 2019, when they mention your show True Spirit Health, Liz Ferguson. All other terms and conditions apply. Contact here: http://porchiaswish.com/blog/contact-us/
Dianne Porchia
Dianne Porchia utilizes the principles and practice of mind-body medicine, practical heart-centered communication skills and spiritual practices to effectively reduce stress and support immune function holistically – body-mind-heart-soul. Since 2001, Porchia’s unique holistic approach to health, wellness, happiness and success works from the inside out and acknowledges each person is a spiritual being, having their own unique human experience on earth. From this paradigm shift in perspective of one’s role and purpose on the planet, each of life’s challenges; i.e. divorce, death of a loved one, loss of job or home, chronic illness, disease and even cancer, becomes an opportunity for personal growth, learning and healing.
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